A good Realtor's job is to keep clients fully informed by reporting everything to them whether good, bad or ugly. Then, it is up to the buyer or the seller to make a decision based on the information that we give him or her. 

This isn't always pleasant or easy, but it is a vital part of serving our clients well.

Imagine that a Steel Team Realtor divulging an issue to a buyer or a seller is akin to making a trip to the doctor’s office. When a person visits the doctor, a diagnosis is presented to the patient. The doctor communicates what is wrong, and then it is the patient’s decision how they are going to navigate the situation. Of course the Realtor (or doctor) is in a unique position to make the facts clearly known and often will present some choices to the client. Ultimately, however, the client is the decision maker.

This can be applied to any instance in which an unexpected issue arises during a transaction. Perhaps something was discovered during the home inspection that needs to be communicated to either the buyer or the seller. The agent’s responsibility is to disclose the facts; the buyer’s or seller’s responsibility is to make a decision based on these facts.

The Steel Team will always do our best to present facts in a helpful and compassionate way. We take joy in helping you navigate the very exciting process of buying or selling home.