May you bask in the Light of the Season!During this festive Christmas season, The Steel Team thought you might like to go out with family or friends and check out the Christmas Lights. If so, click the Christmas Lights Guide. This map and legend  shows Christmas light displays, computerized light shows, and even where to find hot chocolate during your outing in the city.

We hope you will take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy some time with your loved ones this Christmas season. Life goes by way too fast, so let's not miss the opportunities to cherish one another right now. 

Speaking of cherishing one another... We, The Steel Team at Sellstate Summit Realty, cherish each one of our dear friends and valued clients. Please don't hesitate to ask us for real estate advice anytime. We are here to serve you all year long. That's our pledge to you. Call anytime we can be of service:  719-452-4323.