Snow has already begun to Fall on the top of Pikes Peak!  The beautiful sight of snow tells us we better prepare our homes for Fall.  Prepping your home for Fall ensures that your home stays in mint condition.  Here is a great list to help you get started:

• Install new batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Check your fire extinguishers

• Clean your kitchen exhaust hood and filter

• Drain sediment from your water heater

• Insulate exposed pipes as needed

• Schedule a furnace inspection and tune-up

• Vacuum your refrigerator coils

• Remove, or cover your window air conditioners

• Have your chimney and flues inspected • Install storm windows if needed

• Turn off your outdoor water supply and remove hoses

• Inspect for roof damage and repair if needed

• Clean your gutters

• Inspect the caulk around your windows and doors - re-caulk as needed

• Cover or store your outdoor furniture

• Trim trees and shrubberies 


Information gleaned from Ground Floor Home Inspections